6-step guide on spending 3 amazing hours downtown with your #fam on a Saturday morning

6-step guide on spending 3 amazing hours downtown with your #fam on a Saturday morning


The White Hart -> The Community Market -> Amazement Square/Bikes Unlimited  -> James River Heritage Bike Trail ->  Riverfront Splash Park -> The Water Dog.

Step 1: First things, first. Make a quick pit stop at The White Hart and grab a cup of Joe. DON'T. EVER. PASS. ON. COFFEE.

Life starts with Joe.

Life starts with Joe.

Step 2: Walk across the street to the Community Market and pretend you're in a market in Paris. You’re probably going to be jealous of the downtown youngsters that just woke up and are clearly shaking off a hangover from downing one too many cucumber jalapeno margaritas from El Jefe the previous night and are about to crush eggs benedict and sweet potato pancakes from Market at Main. You’ve been up since 6:30 a.m. changing diapers ...

Step 3: Buy an Orange Blossom from Rivermont Specialty Bakery. They're so good, they'll make you want to smack someone.

Warning: consume one of these and you will probably smack someone

Warning: consume one of these and you will probably smack someone

Step 4: Hop back in the car and head towards 10th Street. Now, I recommend parking behind our building on Riverfront Park as there is a massive, newly paved parking lot — free and easy to grab if you arrive around 9 or 10 a.m. To get there, cruise down Main Street towards 10th Street and hang a right. At Jefferson Street, take another right, drive another 100 yards and hang a left into the parking lot. HUGE SHOUTOUT to the Downtown Lynchburg Association and the City for creating these awesome signs.

Step 5: Choose your adventure.

Step 5.a: If you've got little ones with you, walk on to Amazement SquareIt opens at 10 a.m. on Saturday. General Admission is only $9. It’s not crowded early. It’s the bee's knees and their Raceways and Voltageville exhibit will make you question everything you know about physics.

This place is AMAZING!

This place is AMAZING!


Step 5.b: If you're a bit more adventurous and want to feel the wind in your hair, take a leisurely stroll to Bikes Unlimited and rent one of their Electra Townie cruiser bikes. Twelve beans get you one for an hour.

Bikes Unlimited can help you be as rad as this guy. 

Bikes Unlimited can help you be as rad as this guy. 

Step 5.b.1: Cruise the Riverwalk Trail. I recommend heading towards Percival's Island so you can ride along the James River while screaming aloud "VIRGINIA IS FOR LOVERS!"

LOVEworks Percival's Island Sept 2016 160.jpg


PRO TIP: Pokemon GO! fanatics, this is a great way to hatch some eggs or rack up on some Pidgeys.

Step 6: Whether you're coming from Amazement Square or fresh of the trails, cool off at the Splash Park. It just makes sense.



Step 7: It's probably 12:30 p.m. at this point. Look to your left. Yup. That's The Water Dog. Grab a seat, order up a dozen oysters, a cold brew and reflect on how awesome life is.

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Show Notes and References:

John’s new mattress that he swears by: Tuft and Needle

“Chubby Bastard”: equal parts Founders Dirty Bastard and Oskar Blues Old Chub Scottish Ale

John's background

John's apps


John’s a brand snob

John’s workspace

John’s secretive about his upcoming projects but has big plans for the cycling community

John’s best time-saving hack

John’s key gadget he can’t live without

John’s bike: if it has two wheels, he rides it. Currently, Giant Trance and a Trek CrossRip with Industry Nine wheels

What is John better at than you and his thoughts on failure

John’s top 5 albums right now are:

1.     Twenty One Pilots: "Vessel"

2.     Jon Bellion: "The Human Condition"

3.     '68 "In Humor and Sadness"

4.     Underoath "Define the Great Line"

5.     Copeland "Eat, Sleep, Repeat”


6.     Kings Kaleidoscope "Beyond Control"

The Water Dog Spotify Playlist

Jordy has a Jeep

John doesn’t read

How John recharges

John’s sleep routine

Who John wants to see interviewed

Jeff Gray, owner of Scene3, a locally owned skateboard and bicycle shop

Abe Loper, owner of The White Hart Cafe

Bryan Wynn, owner and master roaster of The Muse Coffee Company

Best advice John’s ever received

John doesn’t judge

Bro delivers and John eats a lemon

People Mentioned:

John Seinar: IG: bikes.unlimited

Jordy Hager: IG:

Chris Henderson: IG: @chrshndo

John Burke, President of Trek Bicycles

Jeff Gray, owner of Scene3: TW: @Scene3

Abe Loper: IG: @Abeloper

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Have someone you want to see featured, or questions you think we should ask? Email Dave.


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